Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Dragon Capsule: First-ever private rocket to International Space Station fails to launch as PayPal co-founder's SpaceX Dragon is grounded for tests

SpaceX's Dragon spacecraft - designed to be the first-ever commercial space flight to dock with the International Space Station - has been delayed.

The unmanned craft was due to fly to the ISS on February 7 - carrying a payload of non-essential supplies in case of failure.

SpaceX has now postponed the launch to allow for more engineering tests. The company - run by PayPal co-founder Elon Musk - has already put a capsule in orbit and retrieved it safely.

SpaceX has said that it aims for manned flights by 2014.

SpaceX will work with Nasa to set a new date for Dragon's rendezvous with the space station.

'We are now working with NASA to establish a new target launch date, but note that we will continue to test and review data. We will launch when the vehicle is ready,' said Grantham. Read More