Thursday, January 26, 2012

Dead Goose in Hong Kong Tests Positive for H5N1 Virus‎

The Hong Kong government said on Thursday a dead goose, found in the northwest part of the city, has been confirmed to be H5N1 positive after laboratory testing.

The goose body was found and collected at Sham Tseng last Friday, said a spokesman for the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD). "It was highly decomposed when found and required a series of tests before H5N1 avian influenza was confirmed."

The spokesman said there were no poultry farms within three kilometers of where the dead goose was found. "AFCD staff have conducted inspections and found no evidence of any backyard poultry being kept there."

"AFCD will continue to monitor the situation and conduct inspections of the area," he added.

The AFCD has also reminded farmers to strengthen precautionary and biosecurity measures against avian influenza. Read More