Saturday, January 14, 2012

David Walters Spat on the Floor before Stabbing Woman, 74, enabling Police to Collect DNA

A knifeman who spat on the ground before trying to kill an elderly woman was trapped when police collected his DNA from the pavement.

David Walters, 22, screamed 'Die! Die!' as he punched and then stabbed the terrified 74-year-old in broad daylight at a bus stop in Chorlton, Manchester.

The woman was left needing plastic surgery following the frenzied attack, in which Walters punched her in the face - cutting her lip - before stabbing her six times.

Walters was caught after a policeman at a CCTV monitoring station in the city centre watched footage from a camera opposite the bus stop.

Seconds before the attack, a man could be seen carrying what appeared to be a knife and pausing to spit on the ground.

PC David Westmancoat radioed his colleague PC Lee Coulson and directed him to the exact spot where he had seen the suspect spit.

Forensic officers were then able to gather crucial DNA evidence and run it through a national database. Read More