Sunday, January 22, 2012

Dallas meat-packing plant investigated for dumping pig blood into river

Federal, state, and local authorities say a Dallas meat-packing company is under criminal investigation for possibly illegally dumping pig blood into a creek that leads to the Trinity River.

Investigators executed search warrants Thursday at the Columbia Packing Company on East 11th Street in Oak Cliff.

The Texas Environmental Crimes Task Force has been looking into the plant for two months now. Dallas County has been working with federal and state investigators ever since the tip came in.

The task force is now investigating whether the pig blood came from a secondary pipe not connected with the waste water system.

Dallas County health officials say photos investigators took show blood appearing to flow from the Columbia Packing Company into Cedar Creek and then into the Trinity River.

Health and Human Services chief Zach Thompson says that’s what has county, federal, and state investigators so concerned. “Any time there is some type of discharge into the Trinity River… especially from an environmental standpoint, this is a real concern.” more