Monday, January 30, 2012

Dale Farm Part 2 where three months later tensions run deeper than ever

Michael Slattery ‘distinguished’ himself during the infamous ‘Battle of Dale Farm’. The veteran traveller threw hot tea in the face of one bailiff, and called another a ‘black b******’.

Long-suffering residents — those, that is, who pay their taxes and live in homes made of bricks and mortar — thought they had seen the last of Slattery (and his friends) following the mass eviction of the illegal encampment at Crays Hill, Essex, in October combined with his conviction for using ‘abusive, threatening or insulting behaviour’.

After all, they witnessed the riot police going in. They heard the roar of the bulldozers. They saw a convoy of 4x4s leaving with their dreaded caravans in tow.

What a false dawn that proved to be.

Today, they’re back. The Sheridans. The O’Briens. The Flynns and, yes, Slattery. ‘We’re all here, every one of us,’ he declared defiantly, pointing to his caravan on the roadside, almost within spitting distance of the entrance to Dale Farm. Read More