Sunday, January 15, 2012

Cruise Ship Rescue: Two More Bodies Found

Two more bodies have been found on the stricken Costa Concordia cruise liner off the coast of Italy, bringing the total number of dead to five.

According to the coastguard, the bodies of two elderly passengers were discovered in the submerged part of the vessel.

It comes just hours after three people, including a couple on honeymoon, were rescued from the capsized ship.

A pair of South Korean newlyweds, who had been stranded two decks below on the half-submerged Costa Concordia, were brought safely to shore a day after the disaster.

The couple, in their late 20s, are said to be in good health.

The third person saved was the ship's cabin service director, Manrico Giampetroni, who is thought to have a broken leg.

Strapped into a stretcher, he had to be winched to safety by a rescue helicopter. source