Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Costa Concordia Rescuers: Search Halted As Cruise Ship Moves

Rescuers say the search of the luxury cruise liner that capsized off the coast of Italy has been suspended after the position of the ship shifted.

It moved slightly in rough seas as teams were looking for any bodies that remain in the Costa Concordia.

Eleven people have been confirmed dead and 28 others (24 passengers and four crew) are still missing - but hopes of finding more survivors have almost disappeared.

The rescuers have been racing against time as the weather is set to turn stormy on Thursday with waves of up to two metres forecast as well as storm force winds.

The fear is a large sea swell could 'lift' the liner from the rock ledge it is resting on and send it plunging 100m to the bottom of the sea.

The ship's captain has been placed under house arrest after a court appearance relating to his role in the disaster.

Salvage experts had been expected to be given the all-clear later to start pumping fuel from the vessel. Read More