Sunday, January 15, 2012

Costa Concordia Rescue Effort: Third Survivor Located in the Ship

A honeymoon couple have been rescued from a cruise liner in Italy 24 hours after it capsized - as firefighters reportedly find a third survivor inside the ship.

Rescuers have been banging on the doors of the ship cabins in the non-submerged part of the vessel and started hearing replies in the early hours of this morning, a fire chief said.

The South Korean newlyweds were stranded two decks below on the half-submerged Costa Concordia but were brought to shore from the liner a day after the disaster.
The couple, in their late twenties, were said to be in good health.

The third person has been located but not yet removed from the vessel.

Meanwhile, teams are continuing their race to find about 40 people still unaccounted for after the ship ran aground near the island of Giglio, off the Tuscan coast, late on Friday. Read More