Monday, January 16, 2012

Costa Concordia Rescue Effort: Rescue Team Suspends Cruise Liner Search - 16 People Still Missing

The search for 16 people still missing after the capsizing of the cruise liner Costa Concordia has been suspended after the ship began to move, according to a fire brigade spokesman.

The vessel hit an underwater reef off the coast of Tuscany on Friday, tearing a 70-metre hole in the hull and causing it to tip onto its side.

The Costa Concordia has been balanced on the rocks since the accident but with the weather worsening and the seas becoming rougher it has started to slip, fire brigade officials said.
Spokesman Luca Cari said: "There was a slippage of nine centimetres vertically and 1.5 centimetres horizontally. We evacuated immediately. This is something we have been worried about.

"Operations are suspended. We will have to monitor the stability of the ship and we don't know when we will resume operations." Read More