Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Corporations are People

The premise is jarring and a half-measure -- obviously corporations are made up of people (not cats, not trees, not insects, not compost heaps, or at least not those that make laws and vote). From the value of organized work, wealth is generated and distributed to workers as incentive to retain contributors.

This is where they would like you to politely nod and turn away, because to keep looking at how corporations exist and function would soon reveal that they are a filter that pays workers only a fraction of the value created, retaining the rest as their profit. Most people approach life from a position of fear and docility, so accept jobs and are easily manipulated with promises of safety even when that safety is undesirable in the long term because it cheats them of great opportunities (it is also undesirable in the short term for the same reasons, though less obvious to those who avoid looking behind the curtain). Obedience begets withdrawal and ignorance, and soon reluctant bourgeois cheerleading sprouts into full bloom. Read More