Friday, January 27, 2012

Cocaine seized at UN in New York: 30 pounds sent in "official diplomatic bag"

A shipment containing 16 kilograms of cocaine was seized last week at the United Nations's mail intake centre, a New York Police Department spokesman said on Thursday.

Paul Browne, NYPD's chief spokesman, said the drugs were in a white bag evidently masquerading as a diplomatic pouch that raised suspicions when it was being scanned because it was stamped with what looked like a poorly copied version of the UN logo.

Browne said here was no name or address on the shipment sent from Mexico City through Cincinnati.

UN security officials called the NYPD and Drug Enforcement Administration, which confirmed the substance inside the shipment intercepted on 16 January was cocaine, the police spokesman said.

The UN undersecretary general for safety and security, Gregory B Starr, told reporters on Thursday evening that "there is nothing to indicate that this had anything to do with anybody at the United Nations." (Shortly before wiping away some baking powder from his nose?) more