Saturday, January 21, 2012

China continues controversial H5N1 Experiments #H5N1 #BIRDFLU

Google Translation: (Reporter correspondent Huang Xianguang Hang Wei Fang) 17, the reporter learned from the Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Department of Agriculture recently agreed by the Provincial Academy of Agricultural Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Laboratory Animal Biosafety three highly pathogenic avian influenza in the experiment.   

Allegedly, this is the first of China's provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences, the fourth permitted to engage in domestic bird flu research lab.   

China attaches great importance to research and highly pathogenic avian influenza prevention and control, required to perform highly pathogenic avian influenza research laboratory must have the animal biosafety level three protection of hard and soft conditions and research management. August 2002, the province started construction of three animal biosafety lab, multi-million capital investment to build the highest level of animal bio-security laboratory.   

Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences, said the demand for frontier science and technology and industry, to strengthen the field of bird flu research original innovation, break through the public key technology, and promote sustained and healthy development of China's poultry industry. Read More