Monday, January 30, 2012

Check your facts, Sarkozy! Sneering French president claims the 'UK has no industry' in cheap shot at economy… but France actually has less than UK

Nicolas Sarkozy’s sneering claim that Britain is a country with 'no industry' has been ridiculed as ‘totally false’ by his own Press.

The embattled French President made the extraordinary outburst as he defended a VAT rise during a prime time national TV broadcast last night.

He had just announced a 1.6 per cent hike in VAT in a move designed to boost France’s failing economy.

When a journalist pointed out that Britain had experienced a rise in prices after increasing its VAT contributions, Mr Sarkozy spat out the words: 'The United Kingdom has no industry any more.'

But experts across the Channel today pointed out that industry accounts for almost 17 per cent of GDP in Britain – compared with just over 14 per cent in France.

It was newspaper Le Monde that branded Sarkozy’s claim 'totally false', pointing out that 'Britain is actually more industrialised than France'.

Le Monde admitted that 'industrial decline is stronger in our country', adding: 'In 2007, industry accounted for 16.7 per cent of GDP against 14.1 per cent for France: a statistic that did not change in 2011.' Read More