Thursday, January 26, 2012

Candice Shields Missing Since December 10th, Police are left Baffled by disappearance

Police in Graham, Texas are investigating the disappearance of 20-year-old pregnant mother who disappeared last month.

Candice Shields was last seen the night of December 10 at the home she shares with her grandparents.

Investigators say they have no evidence indicating foul play in the case but are calling her disappearance 'unusual'.

Ms Shields, who has a one-year-old son, Christopher, and is four months pregnant with her second child, was reported missing by her family on December 15 at 1:18pm.

According to Fox News, police say her cellphone records indicate her phone was used to make a call from the home at around 2:30am on December 11.

The phone and all of Ms Shields' belongings were left behind at the residence.

According to Ms Shields' Facebook page, she did not own a car, and police say she had no known mode of transportation.

At 3:15 the morning of December 10, she asked for help on the social networking website finding a vehicle to get to a new job.

Her last message, at 1:38am on December 11, she wrote cryptically, 'idk [I don't know] wat [what] to do anymore.' Read More

Anyone with information regarding her disappearance is urged to call the Graham Police Dept. during normal business hours at 940-549-6441 or the Young County Sheriff's Office (24 hour number) at 940-549-1555.