Sunday, January 15, 2012

Bird flu scare grips Betanoti as Tests Samples Confirm Presence of Bird Flu, India

BHUBANESWAR: Betanoti in Mayurbhanj district is in grip of a scare after preliminary reports on Saturday indicated that a poultry bird sample from the town had confirmed the presence of bird flu, official sources said.

"We are awaiting the final report. I am leaving for Mayurbhanj tomorrow," Benudhar Das, director of veterinary services, told TOI.

The presence of the virus has already been confirmed in Keranga (Khurda district), where the government continued culling of poultry birds for the third consecutive day on Saturday. Keranga is the only area in Odisha where presence of H5N1 has been confirmed. In all, 31,175 birds have been culled and 16,551 eggs and 197 kg of poultry feed have been destroyed during the exercise, official sources said. "We believe culling operations in Keranga will be over within a day or two," an officer said. Over 35,000 hens and ducks are expected to be culled in the district.

Official sources said though Bhubaneswar reported the mysterious death of some crows, incidents of other such deaths from other parts of the state declined on Saturday. On Friday, 54 crow bodies were disposed, official sources said. "We are yet to get confirmation if the crow deaths were due to bird flu, but we are taking all measures to dispose off dead birds in a hygienic manner," an officer said. Read More