Thursday, January 26, 2012

Baby Dies of H1N1 Flu in Athens - 20th Jan 2012

A seven- month- old Libyan baby died in an Athens Children's hospital on Friday in the first fatality linked to the H1N1 flu virus of the new year in Greece, local authorities reported.

According to local media reports citing Greek doctors who treated the boy, he had been infected with the virus in Libya, where he was diagnosed with common flu and received insufficient therapy, before transferred to Greece.

An Ukrainian woman who is being treated in another Greek hospital for pneumonia is the second severe case of the swine flu to be reported in the country this season.

Last year deaths caused by the H1N1 virus in Greece climbed exceeded the 100 victims and many more patients were treated for complications caused by the virus which first emerged in 2009 in Asia and developed into a worldwide pandemic.

Greek Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (KEELPNO) experts noted that Greece does not face a high risk so far this year, but suggested to people of vulnerable groups that reach up to 1.5 million persons in Greece, to get vaccinated. Read More