Sunday, January 29, 2012

Ayla Reynolds father is lying, say police as they reveal blood was found in basement of home where toddler vanished

Maine State Police investigators have been analyzing blood that was found in the home where baby Ayla Reynolds was reported missing six weeks ago, an official said Saturday.

The revelation comes as investigators say they believe her father, who claims he was home when she disappeared but doesn't know what happened to her, is lying to them.

The blood was found in the basement early in the investigation into Ayla's disappearance from her father's home in Waterville, spokesman Steve McCausland said.

The state crime laboratory has been running tests on it since then, but it was unclear when the test results would be ready.

Ayla's whereabouts have been unknown since her father, Justin DiPietro, reported her missing the morning of Dec. 17.

McCausland called the discovery of the blood 'troubling.

'We have questioned the three adults that were there in the home that night,' McCausland told The Associated Press.

'We believe they have not given us the full story.' Read More