Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Anthrax kills 11 cows, Bhutan

For the past two weeks, people in the remote Kumadzong village of Gongdue gewog in Mongar have been eating beef every day.

On January 13, the villagers reported to the gewog livestock extension office in Daksa, which is about 3 hours walk from the village that 11 cows had died in their village since December 31 last month.

An anthrax outbreak is suspected to have killed all 11 cows that belonged to five households.

After the livestock extension officer visited the village, the carcass of the 11th cow was buried. Villagers told the officer that they had consumed the first 10. They have so far not reported with any illness.

Gongdue gewog’s extension officer Arun Thapa said anthrax causes sudden death in cattle without prolonged sickness. The animals also bleed from their mouth, nose and rectum. These were seen in the last carcass.

“The sample could not be tested because of a lack of testing equipment in the centre but the disease is now control,” he said. “No new cases have been reported.”

Another 30 cows belonging to all five households in the village were also given antibiotics to prevent the disease from spreading in the locality.

Mongar’s livestock officer Dorji Wangchuk said this is the first time an anthrax outbreak was reported in the district. Read More