Saturday, January 7, 2012

Adam Lowther a 'Cowardly and despicable' thief took crashed bike as cyclist lay dying in canal just yards away

A ‘despicable’ thief stole a retired banker’s bicycle as he was drowning in a canal.

Michael Houghton, 51, was face down in the water when Adam Lowther, 22, came along the towpath.

Instead of rescuing the unconscious father of three or calling for help, Lowther picked up his mountain bike and rode off on it.

The thief told police he assumed Mr Houghton was already dead. In fact, he was still alive and might have been saved had Lowther alerted emergency services.

Mr Houghton was eventually pulled from the canal in Leeds by two passers-by, but he died in hospital three days later.

Jobless Lowther, meanwhile, sold the bike for £20. He was arrested on suspicion of murder, but never charged, and served four months in jail after admitting theft. Read More