Wednesday, December 7, 2011

University student slashed in attack in Chiba, Japan - Dec 2011

A university student was taken to a hospital for a cut to her stomach on Wednesday after she reported being slashed by a male assailant near her home in the Chiba Prefecture city of Kashiwa, police said.

Chiba Prefectural Police said the 20-year-old student reported being attacked by a man standing in front of her, wielding what appeared to be a box cutter, soon after she left home on the morning of Dec. 7. The man fled on foot, and the student walked on her own power to a police box about 500 meters away, where she reported the attack at about 9:55 a.m.

The woman suffered light injuries in the attack. She described the assailant as being in his late 20s, and about 170 centimeters tall. He was wearing a black top and jeans, she said. Source

NOTE: This is the 2nd report in 2 days, yesterday a 16 year old student was arrested for attempted murder, he confessed to a series knife of attacks on girls in the area as young as 8 years old. His reasoning "he was Hunting Girls"

This was also in the Chiba Prefecture city

Article from yesterday 6th December 2011 >>>>>>>>>