Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Turkish police beat handcuffed woman... and now SHE faces jail for 'reckless behaviour' - 13th Dec 2011

A group of Turkish policemen have sparked national outrage after they were caught on camera repeatedly slapping a woman in the face, throwing her to the ground and pulling her hair.

CCTV footage shows Fevziye Cengiz, who had been arrested after a nightclub raid for not having her ID, being beaten at the Izmir police station even after she had been handcuffed.

A high-ranking Turkish government minister is now calling for the speedy punishment of the officers - who are facing 18 months in prison for 'causing injury through excessive force'.

But, in a bizarre twist, Cengiz herself is facing six years in jail for 'resisting arrest and reckless behaviour'. Read More