Friday, December 23, 2011

Three of the world's rarest turtles wash up on Britain's beaches - 23rd Dec 2011

Three of the rarest turtles in the world have been washed up on Britain’s beaches.

Conservationists say they were dragged thousands of miles by the massive currents which caused storms in Scotland earlier this month.

Two young Kemp’s ridleys and one green turtle were blasted off course from their normal base in the warm waters off the coast of Florida and the Caribbean and died of the cold.

But the Marine Conservation Society has warned more are likely to be discovered over Christmas and the New Year and urged the public not to throw them back into the water.

As it was revealed winter weather caused the turtles to wash up, forecasters said today that Britain will bask in one of the warmest Christmas Day since 1896 and nowhere will see snow. Read More

Note: Just 11 days ago One of these rare Turtles washed up in the Netherlands for the 2nd Time. - Article >>>>>>>>