Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Stand up for BRITISH rights! Cameron flies to make-or-break Euro summit with message from mutinous Tory MPs ringing in his ears - 8th Dec 2011

David Cameron was rocked yesterday by a Tory mutiny over Europe and a stunning put-down from Germany’s Angela Merkel.

The Prime Minister faced open defiance from Northern Ireland Secretary Owen Paterson and London Mayor Boris Johnson over his refusal to offer a referendum on Britain’s future in the EU.

Even some of Mr Cameron’s closest Cabinet allies are understood to be shifting to a much more Eurosceptic position, with a five-strong group of ministers planning to visit the Prime Minister as early as today to urge him to toughen his stance.

Several senior figures doubt privately that the euro will survive – with hopes receding of a significant breakthrough at ‘do or die’ talks between EU leaders in Brussels tonight.

In the Commons, Conservative MPs lined up to urge the Prime Minister to adopt a ‘bulldog spirit’ and block any EU deal which threatens Britain’s interests.

To add to his woes, Mrs Merkel made it clear she intends to say ‘nein’ to Mr Cameron’s attempts to extract special safeguards for Britain as the eurozone countries move to create a single economic government. Read More