Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Shawn Weimer: Dad pleads guilty after using daughter, 9, as designated driver

A father who used his 9-year-old daughter as a designated driver in a Detroit suburb pleaded guilty Monday to second-degree child abuse and allowing an unlicensed minor to operate a motor vehicle, authorities said.

Shawn Weimer wants to "put this whole thing behind him," said his attorney, David Steingold.

The girl was using a booster seat on the driver's side of a red van when police stopped the vehicle in the early-morning hours of October 8.

"What did you stop me for?" she asked officers, according to police. "I was driving good."

Weimer appeared to have been drinking, said Brownstown, Michigan, police Detective Lt. Robert Grant at the time.

Michigan cops got wind of the young driver from an anonymous male caller.

"She's driving pretty good," the male caller told a dispatcher in a recorded conversation provided to CNN in October. The girl was even using her turn signals correctly, he said. Read More