Friday, December 2, 2011

Sarkozy and Merkel to attend crisis meeting to guarantee the future of Europe - 2nd Dec 2011

Europe must be 'refounded' with France and Germany at its heart, Nicolas Sarkozy said last night.

In a major speech on the future of Europe, he said the two countries would campaign together for a new EU treaty, which would deepen integration and abolish a string of national vetoes.

The scale of the French and German ambition for a new Europe is likely to alarm David Cameron, who travels to Paris today for talks with the French President ahead of next week's summit of EU leaders.

Downing Street yesterday insisted that EU leaders were discussing only 'limited' treaty changes needed to underpin the euro.

Officials refused to be drawn on whether Mr Cameron would even raise Tory demands for the repatriation of powers, such as employment law, from Brussels.

But Mr Sarkozy called for a 'new economic age' in which countries lived within their means. Read More