Thursday, December 29, 2011

North Korean mourners pack plaza in their hundreds of thousands to anoint new Supreme Leader (and the tears just won't stop flowing)

Hundreds of thousands of people packed Pyongyang's main square this morning as Kim Jong Il's son and successor was declared the new 'Supreme Leader' of North Korea.

The announcement, the communist government's first public endorsement of Kim Jong Un's leadership, came at huge and tightly orchestrated memorial service for his late father.

Kim Jong Un, head bowed and somber in a dark overcoat, stood on a balcony at the Grand People's Study House overlooking Kim Il Sung Square watching the memorial.

He was flanked by top party and military officials, including his aunt, Kim Kyong Hui, and her husband Jang Song Thaek, who are expected to serve as mentors of the young leader.

Countless thousands packed the main square in front as well as the plaza in front of a Workers' Party monument of a hammer, sickle and writing brush. Read More