Sunday, December 18, 2011

Los Angeles City Council Votes Against Corporate Personhood

It's been a good week for the great effort to strip corporations of their rights to unfettered free speech as legal persons, supported by the US Supreme Court.

First Vermont senator Bernie Sanders introduces a bill that would amend the Constitution specifying that corporations are not natural, biological persons and can't just go around making political contributions willy-nilly and calling it free speech, thereby as should be abundantly clear hopeless corrupting the US political process.

Now, as the Examiner reports, the Los Angeles city council voted unanimously against corporate personhood and called for a Constitutional amendment clarifying that once and for all.

City Council President Eric Garcetti:

Every struggle to amend the Constitution began as just a group of regular Americans who wanted to end slavery, who thought women should vote, who believed that if you're old enough the be drafted, you should be old enough to vote. ... We're very proud to come together and send a message but more than that, this becomes the official position of the City of Los Angeles, we will officially lobby for this. Read More