Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Landslide cuts water supply to Manizales, central Colombia - 6th Dec 2011

A landslide in the central Colombian city of Manizales destroyed water pipes between water treatment plants on Tuesday, leading to water rationing in the city.

Assistant manager of Manizales Water Sebastian Henao announced that the Niza plant will still be able to supply water to roughly half the city.

"We will have the Niza plant running with a very good flow, so that it gives us enough for half the population, and we are assessing the ground damage to see how we will proceed," Hanao said.

Manizales Water will announce how much water is available and how long it will take to fix the pipes once the damage is assessed.

Manizales' mayor Juan Manuel Llano will then chair a Municipal Emergency Committee to determine the levels of rationing. Source