Saturday, December 10, 2011

Korean buildings identical to burning Twin Towers... and the Dutch architects claim they didn't Notice

This does not appear to be a sick joke. Architects have designed a pair of apartment towers in South Korea that are unbelievably reminiscent of the 9/11 attacks on New York's World Trade Centre.

These incredible pictures show how Dutch architecture firm MVRDV somehow managed to design the eerie 260-metre and 300-metre towers next to each other, connected by a ‘pixelated cloud’.

And in a good contender for quote of the year, a company statement insists they did not ‘see the resemblance during the design process’ for the buildings - due to be completed in Seoul in 2015.

The luxury residential towers have been named ‘The Cloud’, with one reaching 260 metres or 54 floors and the other covering 60 floors over 300 metres. The total surface area is 128,000 sq metres.

The ‘cloud' is housed in a 10-floor tall structure positioned halfway up the structures, and the towers feature a fitness studio, pools, restaurants, cafes and a conference centre.

‘MVRDV regrets deeply any connotations The Cloud projects evokes (sic) regarding 9/11,’ a statement on the company’s website said, as it tries to stem the outrage it has already caused. Read More