Saturday, December 17, 2011

Jonathan Jewth dies after choking on a MEATBALL in school cafeteria because staff 'didn't know first aid', New York - 17th Dec 2011

A nine-year-old boy died after choking on a meatball in his school lunch as staff members unable to save the child.

Jonathan Jewth, a New York Bronx student, died on Wednesday, nine days after falling to the lunchroom floor in a choking fit.

His devastated mother Khemwati Jewth has hit out at the school for failing to perform the necessary first aid on her dying son.

She told the New York Daily News: 'If something had been done differently, my son would've been alive today.

'They're saying that they did everything, but others are saying that there was no one around at the time.'

According to various accounts, Jonathan was laughing with other students, eating a meatball sandwich, when he began to choke.

'They have provided her with scant information regarding the disastrous event that has transpired and until now she is relying on information provided by individuals who claim to have witnessed some or all of the events,' an attorney for his mother, Howard Frederick told NBC4.

Witnesses of Jonathan's struggle claim that the emergency response by the public school's faculty members was 'unskilled, unqualified and chaotic,' according to Mr Frederick. Read More