Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Israel, US 'determined' to halt Iran nuclear drive: Barak

Israel and the United States are determined to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons and do not rule out any option to that end, Israel's defence minister said on Sunday.

"Our two countries clearly believe that a nuclear Iran is neither conceivable nor acceptable and we are determined to prevent Iran from getting nuclear weapons," Defence Minister Ehud Barak told public radio, two days after meeting US President Barack Obama.

"We reiterated the fact that we must not take any option off the table," Barak said.

Speaking ahead of the meeting, Obama said Washington had "worked painstakingly" with its allies to halt Iran's nuclear programme, which Israel and Western governments suspect is cover for a drive for an atomic weapon.

Obama said recently-imposed Western sanctions were the "most comprehensive, the hardest-hitting" ever faced by Iran and vowed that the international community would "keep up the pressure."

He also vowed to "take no options off the table." Read More