Friday, December 16, 2011

Gun attacks in Europe

As more details emerge of the shooting spree and grenade attack in Belgium in which five people died, the BBC News website takes a look at other recent incidents in Europe - and the effect they have had on each country's laws.

Seventy-seven people were killed in twin attacks on 22 July 2011 in Norway. Anders Behring Breivik has admitted that he planted a car bomb that exploded close to government offices in the capital Oslo, killing eight people. He then drove to the island of Utoeya, where a summer camp for the governing Labour Party's youth wing was being held, and shot dead 69 people, most of them teenagers.

In April 2011 a gunman killed six people at a shopping centre in Alphen aan den Rijn using an automatic weapon. The attacker, Tristan van der Vlis, later killed himself. He was a member of a local gun club and legally owned three guns - despite having previously been a resident at a psychiatric institution. Read More