Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Fracture, leak in 1 million-gallon New Hampshire water tank prompt evacuations of homes, small airport - 13th Dec 2011

A fracture and leak in the city’s 1 million-gallon water tank led officials who feared it would collapse to evacuate homes, a nearby pediatrics practice and a small airport on Tuesday.

The leak was at the base of the water tank, which is on the ground, not atop a tower, Rochester City Manager Daniel Fitzpatrick said. The tank didn’t appear to be at risk of collapsing, but there was a potential that it could, Fitzpatrick said in an email to city employees.

City officials drained the green cylindrical tank, which appeared to be at least six stories tall, and advised the city’s 30,000 residents their water pressure would be reduced.

WMUR-TV reported that officials lifted the evacuation order at around 9 p.m. and reopened roads that had been closed. Read More