Sunday, December 18, 2011

The foreign criminals who committed murders, kidnaps and rapes...after the border agency failed to kick them out of Britain

Foreign criminals released from jail have gone on to commit murders, rapes and kidnaps after border officials failed to deport them from Britain, it emerged today.

A confidential UK Border Agency document has revealed the extent of the government's failure to deport prisoners from the country once they have served their prison sentences.

The revelation, which will be an embarrassment for home secretary Theresa May, comes less than two months after it emerged that 4,000 foreign criminals who should have been deported are at large on Britain's streets.

Foreigners jailed for a year or more are meant to be automatically deported at the end of their jail terms.

But many of the dangerous individuals let out of jail have been able to reoffended while the Border Agency and Home Office struggle to secure their deportation arrangements.

Significant numbers have been arrested for violent crimes, including three murders, three kidnappings and 14 sexual offences, including rape.

The internal document reveals that Theresa May's problem of kicking foreign criminals out of the country is only getting worse, as attempts to deport them are proving 'almost futile'. Read More