Friday, December 23, 2011

Experts baffled by metal sphere that crashed to Earth in remote area of Namibia - 22nd Dec 2011

It is a mysterious ball that looks like a prop from a science fiction film - and nobody can explain where it came from.

Police have been left baffled after a strange metal sphere fell to the ground in a remote area of northern Namibia, Africa.

It weighs around 13lbs, has a diameter of 14 inches and its rough surface looks like ‘two halves welded together’, said police forensics director Paul Ludik.

When the craft came down it caused a crater 12 inches deep and 13ft wide, although the ball itself was some 60ft away.

Locals claimed to have heard several explosions in the days before it was discovered by a farmer on his land.

The find sparked speculation on the internet that it could finally be proof of extra terrestrial life, even though it bore a passing resemblance to the head of a character from the children’s series Teletubbies.

Some claimed that it could be an escaped particle from the Large Hadron Collider, reindeer droppings or a Quaffle from the Harry Potter films.

Others - arguably with more accuracy - guessed it was a hydrazine tank, which are used on space satellites to store the flammable chemical.

Mr Ludik however was quick to point out that more tests need to be done and that NASA and the European Space Agency had been notified. Read More