Friday, December 23, 2011

El Hierro volcano (Canary Islands, Spain): end of the submarine eruption in sight? - 19th Dec 2011

The submarine eruption south of El Hierro is still going on, but there are signs magma supply has dropped significantly. Most likely, the eruption which now has lasted over 2 months is approaching its end.

Volcanic tremor has decreased a lot, and there are almost no more bursts related to steam explosions at the underwater vent. Diffuse CO2 emissions (CO2 being interpreted as indication of fresh magma supply) has decreased, too.

Earthquakes which are often related when new magma intrusions create new paths in the substrata, have almost stopped as well. The water discoloration south of La Restinga is still present and weak upwelling of muddy water is still being observed, but much less than previously, and with less intensity. Source