Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Discovered: The incredible spot off the British coast that could produce the biggest surfable waves on Earth at 120ft-high

Forget Hawaii, one of the world's top big wave surfers believes he has found two spots which could produce waves 120ft high - off the Northern Irish coast.

Al Mennie, who has surfed some of the most extreme conditions on the planet, said he is waiting for the perfect conditions to surf what he believes is the largest swell on earth.

'This is my mission. The good days are few and far between - 90 per cent of the swells are unrideable and we'd reckon that only two days each year are rideable,' he said.

'We've been out and ridden them. They weren't enormous but we are waiting for the right conditions.'

Portrush-based Mr Mennie and his right-hand man Andrew Cotton, from Devon, refuse to disclose the exact locations of the waves due to the increasing number of inexperienced surfers trying to make a name for themselves on virtually unrideable waves.

One wave is off the west coast of Donegal and the other off County Antrim.

Both crash down on rocky reefs about the size of a tennis court and Mr Mennie claims the water could be as shallow as five feet when the waves are sucked up.

'One of the biggest concerns we would have is that someone inexperienced would turn up and try to get fame and glory,' he said. Read More