Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Study on XMRV Is Retracted by Journal... and Scientistic is also arrested on strange charges: Medical cover up?

The journal Science on Thursday fully retracted a controversial study that had linked a mouse leukemia retrovirus to chronic fatigue syndrome, a disabling illness affecting an estimated one million people in the United States.

Some data in the study were retracted in September when the Cleveland Clinic, which participated in the initial research, reported that its findings had resulted from laboratory contamination. The notice posted by Science on Thursday cited additional concerns about the research, although the wording made it clear that not all the original authors agreed to the retraction.

“The majority of the authors have agreed in principle to retract the report, but they have been unable to agree on the wording of their statement,” wrote the editor in chief, Bruce Alberts. The journal was therefore “editorially retracting” the study on its own, he wrote.

The study, published in October 2009, had been hailed by people with chronic fatigue syndrome as proof that their condition had an organic rather than a psychological origin. As a result, some patients began taking antiretroviral drugs normally used to treat H.I.V. in hopes that they might work against the suspected retrovirus. Read More