Friday, December 23, 2011

Brain Implant Cures Compulsive Tourette's Tics - 23rd Dec 2011

A woman who was disabled by relentless muscle jerks has been fitted with a 'brain pacemaker' that has allowed her to return to normal life.

Jayne Bargent's head and neck were so badly affected by the uncontrollable convulsions of Tourette's syndrome that she could not drive, read, or walk properly.

She is one of the first sufferers to be implanted with electrodes in her brain that fire tiny electric pulses into the region believed to cause the muscle tics.

Sky News exclusively filmed the extraordinary operation, and then - six weeks later - the moment the electrodes were switched on.

Over a period of about 40 minutes the tics almost completely disappeared.

She said: "It is absolutely amazing. I do not feel I am the same person. I have had three years of getting worse. Now I have got my life back."

The technique is called Deep Brain Stimulation. It is already used to treat some other neurological conditions, such as Parkinson's disease. Read More