Friday, December 30, 2011

9 Examples Of Elderly Americans Being Strip-Searched Or Sexually Molested By TSA Agents At U.S. Airports

What in the world has happened to America? This week two elderly women that are more than 80 years old have come forward with claims that they were strip-searched at JFK Airport in New York. But sadly, this is nothing new. The truth is that there has been a whole string of incidents involving elderly Americans being strip-searched or sexually molested by TSA agents at U.S. airports.

When they told us ten years ago that they were going to "beef up" national security, did you think that it would ever come to this? One of the ways that a society is judged is by how it treats the most vulnerable members. Well, instead of honoring our senior citizens, we are treating them like animals. Is this how we are repaying the debt that we owe them for bringing us into this world and raising us? The rest of the world is laughing at us. America is rapidly turning into a totalitarian police state and we have become a global joke.

You won't find any other country on earth where senior citizens are being strip-searched and sexually molested before they are allowed to get on to their flights. Not even North Korea does that. This has got to end, because right now the name of America is being dragged through the mud in front of the whole world.

Does anyone out there believe that living in a "Big Brother" police state is actually going to make us safe? No matter how extreme "national security" becomes, it will never be possible to stop all threats. At some point, more bad stuff is going to happen. It is inevitable.

But meanwhile, we have a choice. We can live without fear as free men and women or we can give in to paranoia. Sadly, the United States has chosen to do the latter. Read More