Saturday, December 10, 2011

40 students feared to have scarlet fever, China - 10th Dec 2011

MORE than 40 pupils at an elementary school in a suburban area are suspected of having contracted scarlet fever, parents claimed yesterday.

At least 39 children in a Grade Two class at the Mingqiang Elementary School are feared to have the disease, they said.

One parent, who gave his name as "Eric," said the school gathered parents on Wednesday to inform them that an initial test indicated 39 out of 48 children had the disease.

Parents also said six pupils in a Grade Three class are suspected of having the disease.

Some parents claim the first case emerged a fortnight ago and accused the school - which has hundreds of pupils - of not acting quickly enough. They say it should have isolated sick children and canceled all classes to sterilize classrooms.

According to a 2005 directive by Shanghai's education department, a school where an unidentified contagious disease case is discovered should report to authorities and cancel classes involved.

"The school has put all the children at the risk of catching the disease," claimed Eric. Read More