Tuesday, November 15, 2011

World's last Sikh warrior lives in Wolverhampton: A lesson in war and honour

The world's last surviving Sikh warrior master who has devoted his life to learning an ancient martial art is - from Wolverhampton, it has emerged.

Former factory worker Nidar Singh Nihang, 44, was trained in the mysterious art of Shastar Vidiya by an 80-year-old guru from northern India.

Selfless Nidar has devoted his entire life to the ancient warrior culture and holds master-classes around the world.

But the father-of-four is now searching for a successor in order to pass the secrets of Shastar Vidiya to a new generation.

Nidar is inviting potential candidates to learn the ancient martial art at his Midlands home in Wolverhampton.

He said: ''Shastar Vidiya is a part of my history and culture and without it we lose our character.

''It has changed history and produced great warriors - for it to die out now would be a tragedy.

''Throughout the day, no matter what I am doing, Shastar Vidiya is always in my mind.

''I am the last known remaining master - it is my mission in life now to find a successor to carry on this great martial art.

''If I die with it, it is all gone.''

Nidar conducts a rigorous daily routine, awakening at dawn to recite ancient mantras followed by seven hours of writing and study.

After a late siesta listening to light classical Indian music, the expert swordsman embarks on six hours of martial yoga and Shastar Vidiya - before mediation and sleep at 2am. more