Tuesday, November 29, 2011

US Airways Refuses Woman With Terminal Cancer's Airline Ticket Refund

A woman claims a dream family trip is being cancelled because of her terminal cancer, and the airline is refusing to refund the money for her ticket.

The McKain family would have been taking off from BWI Airport leaving to Belize in January. But now they aren't going anywhere and they're out of $4200.

These days the closest Lynn McKain will get to her dream destination of Belize is through pictures. Her doctor has ordered she doesn't travel and undergo immediate cancer treatment after being diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer.

It's the second time she has been diagnosed with breast cancer. After she was treated the first time and was given the all clear earlier this year, her family planned a trip to Belize. They booked 5 round trip tickets on U.S. Airways totaling $4200. The problem is they bought the non-refundable tickets, and now that the trip has had to be canceled, the airline isn't bending their policy on refunds. more