Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Two Babies Die After E.coli Infection - Singleton Hospital South Wales - 22nd Nov 2011

Two babies have died of an E.coli infection in south Wales - one in hospital and one in the community, health officials have confirmed.

The cases of ESBL E.coli are under investigation at Singleton Hospital in Swansea.

One of the babies was "very premature" and died in hospital.

The second case involved a baby who died in the community but whose mother is suspected of contracting the infection at the hospital.

Dr Bruce Ferguson, medical director, ABM University Health Board, said: "These appear to be isolated incidents which have been contained, and there is no evidence of the infection spreading further."

"The two cases of ESBL E. coli transmissions currently under investigation are linked to three other confirmed cases of ESBL E. coli where the infection was contracted outside hospital.

"Sadly, one of these cases, also a very young baby, has died. Everyone associated with the unit also regrets the tragic loss of this baby."

Health chiefs at the hospital stressed that ESBL E.coli is not the same as E.coli O157 which causes food poisoning.

In most people ESBL E.coli does not cause harm but in vulnerable individuals it can cause serious infections. Read More