Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tibetan nun set herself alight on the streets in protest against China - 21st Nov 2011

This is the horrifying moment a nun stood ablaze in a Chinese street having set herself alight in protest at the country's treatment of Tibet.

It is a still image taken from a video released by protest group Students for a Free Tibet and is believed to be footage of Palden Choetso, 35, who burned herself to death on November 13.

In the video the Tibetan Buddhist nun stands in the road in Dawu, Ganzi prefecture in Sichuan province, southwest China, self-immolates and then collapses to the ground.

The video, which cannot be independently verified, was smuggled out of the country and given to Students for a Free Tibet, which has released it to the media.

This is the latest in a wave of self-immolations that have taken place as Tibetans make the ultimate sacrifice in a bid to draw the world's attention to their region's plight.

In March this year, a teenage Tibetan monk named Lobsang Rabten fled over the Himalayas to India after a childhood friend set himself ablaze in protest against China's campaign of forced 're-education' at their monastery. Read More