Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Supernova creates a new solar system with the 'building blocks of life' - 1st Nov 2011

New research coming out of an epic star explosion from more than 300 years ago is shedding some light on how life as we know it may have formed.

New studies on the Cassiopeia A - also known as Cas A - supernova remnant have revealed that the space blast has the capacity to form new life on other planets.

And how do the researchers know? Because the same elements found in what’s left of the supernova are found here on earth.

Heavy elements flung out into space by supernovae end up in the rocks of planets such as Earth.

Even the human body is largely composed of stardust and elements from the explosion, like iron, and scientists believe the same could happen for an alien species.

A team of astronomers led by Dr John Hughes of Rutgers University conducted the study with data from the Chandra X-Ray Space Telescope, DailyGalaxy.com reported. Read More