Thursday, November 10, 2011

Soviet scientist denies helping Iran develop atomic bomb - 10th Nov 2011

A Soviet scientist has denied being the brains behind Iran's nuclear program, despite U.S. media reports that he helped put Tehran on the threshold of making an atomic bomb, a Russian newspaper said Thursday.

The United Nations' nuclear watchdog said in a report issued this week that it had strong indications that a foreign expert had helped Iran develop a "high explosives detonation system" but did not identify this person.

The Washington Post newspaper cited intelligence reports that named the foreign expert as Vyacheslav Danilenko and said he had assisted the Iranians for at least five years.

Kommersant, one of Russia's leading newspapers, said it had tracked down Danilenko, now 76. It said he had worked for decades at one of Russia's top secret nuclear weapons research centres, known in Soviet times as Chelyabinsk-70.

"I am not a nuclear physicist and am not the founder of the Iranian nuclear program," Danilenko was quoted as telling the newspaper. He declined any further comment, Kommersant said. Read More