Tuesday, November 8, 2011

'The shredders are on and the emails are being deleted': Claims of border scandal cover-up: we will never know how many criminals were let in

The Border Agency is accused of a massive cover-up to hide the number of people let in to the country under a secret relaxation of immigration controls this summer.

Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper said in the House of Commons that 'the shredders are on and there is a ban on internal emails,' as she urged Theresa May to investigate attempts to conceal the scale of the fiasco.

Her claims came as the Home Secretary admitted that we will never know how many terrorists and criminals entered Britain in the latest borders blunder.

Mrs May made the admission yesterday as she explained to MPs her role in the relaxation of controls.

The Home Secretary said she ordered a ‘pilot’ scheme to water down passport checks in July for Britons and other EU nationals – without telling Parliament.

Up to five million foreign nationals may have entered the UK during the downgrade, which applied at every port and airport. It will never be known how many were illegals. Read More