Friday, November 18, 2011

Scrap the Pound and join the sinking Euro! German minister claims Britain WILL join single currency as Merkel tries to scupper OUR vote - 18th Nov

Germany's Chancellor today denied the British people the chance for an EU referendum as as she said the eurozone crisis would be resolved without the UK's involvement.

Angela Merkel called for a 'limited treaty change' for further eurozone integration - exactly as spelled out in a leaked German memo which outlines an attempt to prevent a British referendum that could lead to powers being clawed back from Brussels.

Her extraordinary announcement came on the day that finance minister Wolfgang Schäuble predicted that the UK will have to adopt the euro 'faster than people think', despite the ongoing crisis in the single currency.

Germany's attempts to impose EU control on Britain, and the minister's astonishing outburst, will have increased the tensions between David Cameron and Mrs Merkel as they met in Berlin this morning.

The leaders are have clashed over German plans for a new tax on bank transactions and treaty change to shore up eurozone finances.

But at a press conference this afternoon, the pair ignored their differences and insisted that Britain and Germany will work together in a spirit of 'strong friendship'. Read More