Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Scrap metal villains are now targetting garden gates, police warn

Shocked families in two streets at Thatcham, Berkshire, woke to find thirty gates had been lifted from their hinges and carted away during the night.

Housewife Angela Bint, of Coopers Crescent, said "My husband went to open the gates and realised they weren't there any more. It's going to cost us about £240 to replace.

"There are a lot pf pensioners on the estate who can't afford to buy a new set of garden gates. My dad George who lives along the road had his stolen too."

The raiders also struck in neighbouring Beverley Close and police appealed for sightings of a transit van which they think was used to take the gates away.

Thames Valley Police are advising residents to invert and cap the hinges so they can't be lifted and to mark garden property with special ink. more